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Team Principles 7.5

At MEDUCOM, we believe meticulous organization and effective communication are key drivers in delivering strategic and high-quality work. A few strategies we use to promote accountability and ensure timely, high-quality delivery includes:

  • Internal process optimization: Standard operating procedure documents, templates, project-specific checklists and detailed timelines help us stay organized to ensure we meet all deadlines, no matter the project type. After a project, we conduct a thorough debrief to determine if a process can be further optimized to improve team efficiency.

  • Scheduled touchpoints: We tailor to our clients’ communication style, whether they prefer weekly status calls or primarily email communication, with ad-hoc touchpoints. Our weekly status reports update the current status of projects and immediate action items to hold everyone accountable, ensuring successful project execution.

We recognize and value the importance of constantly improving our processes and providing flexible, effective communication to deliver reliable and high-quality service. In doing so, our clients can be assured a strategic plan is always in place to execute their objectives.


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