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Celebrating 5 years at MEDUCOM with Rhiannon

Congratulations to Rhiannon Jamieson-Williams as we celebrate her 5th anniversary with MEDUCOM! Since joining MEDUCOM in 2019 as a Medical Associate, Rhiannon has demonstrated outstanding medical expertise and strong leadership, now contributing as a Senior Medical Director. We asked Rhiannon to share reflections about what has inspired her during her time at MEDUCOM:

Q: What skills have been most beneficial to you?

A: Adaptability and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone have been the most important skills throughout my career thus far. MEDUCOM prioritizes exposing employees to a variety of tasks and often takes a “if you can dream it, do it” approach. As someone who used to be very adverse to change, it’s been a great experience to see the impact these new experiences have had on my professional development. 

Q: What is the most meaningful part of your job?

A: I love everything to do with people – from coaching and mentoring our internal team, to supporting clients in achieving their brand objectives! Building lasting personal connections allows me to tailor my approach to each individual, leading to efficient and impactful solutions. It’s been very meaningful for me to reflect back on how my relationships with clients and team members have grown over the years.

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

A: I know a career at MEDUCOM is one where you’ll never stop learning and growing, a perspective that is shared across every member of the team, regardless of seniority. I feel very fortunate to work with such a driven team and look forward to seeing where we’ll push ourselves to next – it’s exciting to know the future won’t be boring or stagnant!


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