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Team Principles 7.6

In a constantly evolving industry, it is imperative to continuously innovate your approach to remain successful and ahead of the competition. MEDUCOM encourages the team to collectively contribute ideas for improvements and techniques which could be adopted by the company.

How do we remain solution-focused?

- Holding burst meetings for projects to align with strengths and areas for revision. These meetings help in future project planning

- Departmental meetings highlight reoccurring ideas, goals, and learnings through projects. These meetings calibrate our processes and strategies to ensure consistency in our work across the department

- Project Showcases share best practices and success stories. At these meetings, we present relevant updates on services that could improve internal processes, increase quality and build on client relationships

MEDUCOM continuously assesses opportunities for adaptation and pioneers best practices to increase efficiencies, and overall performance.

Written by @Gregor Orel


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