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Team Principles 7.3

Accountability is one of the most essential characteristics of high-performing teams and employees. At MEDUCOM, we all exemplify this valuable skill each day and take responsibility for both our performance and business outcomes.

Here are some ways that the MEDUCOM team demonstrates accountability:

  • Punctuality: You are always on time for internal/external meetings and meet set project deadlines.

  • Honesty: You are transparent in what you can accomplish and assume ultimate responsibility for the results.

  • Act with integrity: You do what you say you will when you say you will.

  • Vulnerability: You admit your errors as soon as they are identified, instead of rushing to cover up your mistakes.

Deflection is a psychological defense mechanism in which focus, blame or criticism is redirected to others to preserve one’s self-image. At MEDUCOM, we hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of accountability and have created a culture where we can admit our faults, accept feedback and openly learn from our mistakes.

Written by Dallas Weaver


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