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Team Principles 3.3

Assessing outcomes is an integral part of our continuous growth and improvement. By embracing a forward-thinking perspective, we can transform past results into opportunities for growth and ensure continuous progress.

A few ways we focus on learning from the past to better the future at MEDUCOM is by:

  • Cultivating a constructive culture – We foster a culture where everyone feels safe to share their feedback.

  • Analyzing mistakes – When setbacks occur, we analyze the situation objectively rather than dwelling on the negative to identify actionable lessons.

  • Keeping track of our learnings – Whether our learnings are shared in a message to the team, an optimization report, or a project debrief, we guarantee they are acted upon, improving outcomes in the future.

At MEDUCOM, a constructive approach to assessing outcomes is fostered throughout a supportive culture, analyzing the mistakes, and putting a process in place to allow us to constantly grow from what we have learned.

Written by @Sadie Galer

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