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Team Principle 7.4

The fall season is peak busy time at MEDUCOM. The final fast and furious push before the holidays is a good reminder of the benefits of a full workload and helps develop time-management strategies to employ year-round.

Many MEDUCOM team members appreciate a full workload to maximize their efficiency in various tasks and processes. Too much time to complete a task can lead to overthinking and procrastination. Thus, a bit of pressure can be motivating, as long as you are properly equipped to balance your capacity and manage stress.

Here are some strategies used at MEDUCOM to keep track of tasks and keep the stress at bay:

  • Make a to-do list, whether it’s with task management apps like OneNote or Notion, or even old-fashioned pen and paper

  • Schedule your tasks throughout the day and set internal deadlines to manage your capacity

  • Take time to decompress, such as playing in a rec sports league with friends, cooking or playing board games.

The brain is like a muscle – it needs to be challenged in order to strengthen. So, a full workload is a full workout!

-Andrea Brumwell


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