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Company Principles 1.8

Effective performance evaluations are a crucial aspect of any organization's growth and success. Here are 3 strategies the leadership team at MEDUCOM use to stay familiarized with everyone on the team:

  1. Personality assessments: Personality assessments create an environment where team members understand how they work best together. This not only fosters team bonding but provides valuable insights into individual strengths, weaknesses and working styles.

  2. Regular one-on-ones: Beyond performance evaluations, incorporating regular touchpoints and one-on-one interactions, such as anniversary lunches, allows for deeper connections. These interactions offer the opportunity to understand employees beyond their work performance, fostering trust and building stronger relationships.

  3. Open door policy: Maintaining an open-door policy creates an environment where employees feel comfortable asking tough questions and expressing their concerns. It emphasizes that our main goal is to work together as a team, promoting transparency, collaboration, and mutual support.

By implementing these practices, we can ensure that performance evaluations are not merely based on limited observations but are grounded in a comprehensive understanding of each individual's capabilities, aspirations, and circumstances. This approach empowers our staff to grow and contribute to the organization's overall success.

Written by @Keely Taves


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