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Kombucha: Healthy or Hipster?

This ancient fermented tea has taken the shelves by storm. Beyond trendy coffee shops and speciality groceries stores, it can now be found in mainstream stores like Zehrs and Costco. There are even local pubs serving it on draught! But does Kombucha really live up to its promises of detoxification, digestive support, weight loss and immune stimulation? Or could it be just another marketing win?

With a lack of scientific evidence available, the health benefits are largely derived from personal reports. While, there is data available on the benefits of probiotics and Kombucha is said to provide a similar effect as yogurt, kefir and other probiotic drinks, experts caution overconsumption. Additionally, with a high price tag, there is an increasing trend of drinking home brews which increases the potential for contamination and over fermentation.

The bottom line is that you should drink it because you like it, not for the health benefits.


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