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Cheer Up - Promoting Posture for a Happier Mood

With the current pandemic protocols in place, our reality includes socializing from afar, which often means via phone or computer. When doing so, we often hunch over our keyboard or strain our neck to see our screens. Not only does this have negative effects on posture, studies show it can also have poor effects on mood! When we are sad or scared, we often contract by slouching, and just like posture reflects our mood, it can also cause it. Despite this, we rely on our mobile devices far too much to give them up, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Here are a few ways to fight the hunch:

  1. Keep your head up and shoulders back when looking at your phone and computer screen.

  2. Stretch and massage the muscle groups involved in the hunch often (upper back and sides of the neck).

The next time you reach for your mobile device, remember it causes slouching, which changes your posture and mood. Adjusting your physical positioning could be the key to better posture and a happier mood.

More information on the connection between posture and mood at the link below:

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