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Strides for Sequential Salvage Therapy

T cell-based immunotherapies have quickly situated themselves as promising options for patients with heavily pretreated relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM). Despite the efficacy of these molecules, a subset of patients will relapse, presenting a challenge for physicians in determining the most effective salvage therapy.

A recent retrospective analysis evaluated a group of 58 RRMM patients who had participated in a bispecific antibody (BiAb) clinical trial and underwent salvage therapy at relapse. Results showed 32% of patients who received salvage T-cell immunotherapy needed to undergo a secondary salvage therapy, compared to 79% of patients treated with a non-T-cell therapy (e.g. salvage chemotherapy). In fact, sequential T-cell immunotherapy led to an 80% response rate and a median overall survival that was not reached at 30.5 months of follow-up.

Researchers hope this study will open doors for future clinical trials incorporating sequential combinations of T-cell immunotherapy, leading to updated treatment guidelines and improved long-term patient outcomes.

- Rhiannon


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