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New WHO Guidance on HIV

IThe World Health Organization (WHO) has released new guidance on HIV at the 12th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science this week. The guidance focuses on implications of HIV viral suppression and low viral loads (200-999 copies/mL) on transmission risk and individual health outcomes.

It is well established that HIV viral loads of <200 copies/mL have no risk of sexual HIV transmission; however, the risk of transmission at higher ranges (200-999 copies/mL) has been more controversial. The WHO guidance based on a new systematic review indicates that individuals with a viral load of <1000 copies/mL have nearly zero risk of transmitting HIV.

This guidance provides positive messages about the risk of sexual transmission of HIV and will hopefully be another step to help reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding those living with HIV. With early diagnosis and proper ART adherence, people living with HIV can expect the same health and life expectancy as those without the virus.

Written by Courtney Barker


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