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Monstrous Monday at MEDUCOM!

Halloween is a personal favourite holiday around the office, and the day was filled with fun activities, fierce competition and a little too much candy consumption...

Here are some of the exciting activities that were planned to get the team in the spooky spirit:

  1. Trick or Treat – With 5 pumpkin pots stationed throughout the office, team members enjoyed a race to solve tricky riddles while also grabbing a treat (or five).

  2. Costume Contest – Halloween certainly highlights our team’s creative and clever nature! With hilarious individual costumes and whole-team themes, we all had a good laugh seeing each other in something other than the usual office garb. The winner? Freddy (Hg) Mercury!

  3. Pet Costume Photoshoot – even the animals at MEDUCOM love a good opportunity to dress up! From Guelph’s most wanted to a sweet and sassy bumble bee, our furry team members were certainly not forgotten.

  4. Game Time – A little competition never hurt anyone! Our team took a break from the office chairs to play candy corn bowling and pin the wart on the witch. It’s harder than it looks!

Ending the day with sugar highs and lot of laughs, we’re wishing our team, clients and followers a Spooktacular Halloween night!


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