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COVID & Pharma: Answers to Top Questions from Our Clients

As COVID-19 transitions to an endemic virus and policy changes emerge, the future holds both opportunity and increased complexity for the pharmaceutical industry. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions from our clients:

A: There are many different interactive elements we incorporate in our meeting agendas to make for a more engaging and successful program. Some of these elements include:

- Benchmarking opinions with interactive visual displays

- Dynamic agendas with rotating breakout groups

- Interactive whiteboard workshops to ensure screen engagement

- Live broadcasts with unscripted Q&A from a national audience

A: Many HCPs are eager to get back into in-person meetings. There is a degree of engagement and interactivity you don't get from virtual meetings, and most physicians are starting to feel fatigued from the screen. Just ensure your workshops incorporate tactile activities and tangible outcomes to make attendance feel productive. You might also consider a hybrid approach to accommodate HCPs that aren’t quite ready for in-person events!

A: MEDUCOM is constantly assessing immediate trends impacting the Canadian pharmaceutical marketing and education landscape. Some of these trends for 2023 include:

- Using short, modular content for HCPs to obtain information concisely and effectively

- Embracing digital content, coexisting with in-person initiatives

- Using omni-channel engagement with content provided in a variety of formats

- Steph


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