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5 reasons to love summers at MEDUCOM

It’s the official first day of summer and an opportunity to recharge after a successful first half of the year! Throughout the year and especially in summer, we balance hard work and achieving client objectives with enjoying the beautiful weather and having some fun.

  1. ME days - taking an extra day around long weekends for employees to focus on their personal wellness

  2. Working outdoors - heading outdoors every opportunity we get (phone calls, reading publications or answering emails)

  3. Company BBQ - transforming our parking lot into a picnic area for (socially distanced) team bonding and great food

  4. Biking/walking to work - many MEDUCOMers are local to Guelph and ditch the car during the summer to enjoy it’s many trails and short commute

  5. Feel Good Fridays - the team gathers every Friday afternoon to reflect on wins, learnings and personal development. It’s always better with a drink in hand, sitting on a sunny patio, backyard or balcony!

If you were a MEDUCOMer, which of these 5 would you love the most?


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