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World Cancer Day 2020

Today is World Cancer Day. Building on last year’s theme, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is continuing their “I Am and I Will” campaign, featuring each and every one of us as the hero of the story.

#IAmAndIWill is an empowering call to action urging for personal commitment to reducing the global impact of cancer. Every individual’s actions (large or small) contribute to spreading the word, starting discussions and advocating for action. Progress is possible only if each of us recognize that we have a part in taking action against this disease.

MEDUCOM showed their commitment to continued education and learning, by reading up on various cancer-related facts that were posted throughout the office today. Employees were asked to find one fact that resonated most with them and take a picture with it. Some of those pictures are shown above.

To learn more about #WorldCancerDay and how you can take action, visit

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