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A Yoga Session at Studio Shibui

Continuing to celebrate MEDUCOM’s 25th anniversary, and looking for a group activity to refresh our energy, our team participated in a yoga session at Studio Shibui. The studio recently opened in Guelph and we gathered as a team to learn some ELDOA postures.

ELDOA although often confused with yoga, is very different from yoga. Yoga acknowledges the unity of the body, mind, and spirit whereas, ELDOA provides a new perspective on the positioning of the parts of the body with respect to space. The postures we learned today were easy to get into but difficult to hold, bringing awareness to the spine and the different joints in the body. Despite this challenge, ELDOA is great for mobility and injury prevention and is recommended if you are worried about your posture, a concern that many of us share being seated during the work day.

This was truly a relaxing experience and a fun way to de-stress. Stay tuned for our next team activity!

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