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Today is the First Brain Cancer Awareness Day in Canada!

Did you know that Canada currently has one of the highest rates of brain tumour incidents in the world? Every day, 8 Canadians learn they have brain cancer – that’s around 3000 Canadians facing this devastating news each year. Unfortunately, no new discoveries on brain cancer have been made in the past decade while the need for better treatment is only increasing.

Each individual living with a brain tumour will experience different symptoms ranging from behavioural and cognitive changes to weakness or paralysis, while some may not even show symptoms that would indicate a tumour.

International Brain Tumour Awareness Week, organized by the International Brain Tumour Alliance, aims to draw attention to the challenges of living with a brain tumour and to the demanding need for increased research and innovation in this area. Joining this movement, the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada declared October 24, 2018 as Canada’s first Brain Cancer Awareness Day with the goal to raise awareness to the disease but to also spread the message that there is still hope; hope through support, hope through research, and hope for a cure.

At MEDUCOM, we are showing our support for these initiatives by wearing grey, the colour of the brain, and our #HatsForHope.

To learn more, please visit:

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