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A Taste and Trivia Tour of Guelph

At MEDUCOM, we are proud to be located in one of the best ranked cities in Canada! For some teambuilding fun, we embarked on a walking taste and trivia tour of this great city, visiting three local restaurants and sampling apps and drinks at each. The team competed in small groups to see who knows the most about our hometown with the win going to the Dynamic Duo, Doug and Cristi!

Some of the notable trivia included:

  • Guelph was founded with the ceremonial felling of a large maple tree. It is said John Galt placed his hand on the tree stump and identified the first five streets that would align with the fingers of his outstretched hand.

  • Guelph is home to some great breweries, including Sleeman which holds an interconnected past with prohibition. Many believe Sleeman was shut down in the early 1900s for shipping brews to notorious gangster, Al Capone. However after considerable research, historians now suggest that the contact was actually Rocco Perri, often called the "Al Capone of Canada”

  • The Ontario Agricultural College has long been world-renowned for scientific advances in the cultivation of food crops. Notably, a research team created the Yukon Gold potato, along with other achievements like the OAC No. 211 soybean, OAC No. 21 barley and alfalfa.

  • The term Hat Trick was invented in Guelph. Biltmore Hat Company sponsored Guelph’s hockey team, the Biltmore Mad Hatters. When three goals were scored, fans were encouraged to throw out their hats onto ice.

  • The jock strap was also invented here… created by Guelph Elastic Hosiery in the 1920s. The company held a contest to name the product and jock strap was the winning name. The prize was $5!

If your ever near our great town, stop on by, we’d love to show you why we think it’s one of the best!


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