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Safety, Shelter and Love at Michael House

In Canada, 21% of single mothers are raising their children in poverty (Statistics Canada, 2008). This is a surprising statistic given Canada’s overall wealth, however, it is the reality.

Last week, MEDUCOM volunteered at Michael House, one of the not-for-profit organizations helping provide shelter and support to pregnant/parenting women who lack resources in the Guelph community. We spent a day outside our office and inside the Michael House supportive housing facility, re-painting the walls and doors - a seemingly small task but an important one! Painting is just one of many tasks for which Michael House recruits volunteers, keeping the building warm and inviting for the mothers and children living there.

This volunteer experience was a rewarding one and it reinforced the value of giving back to the community. MEDUCOM will continue volunteering and we hope you too will be inspired to give back to your community. In finding time to volunteer, it’s all a matter of perspective!

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