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How to Avoid Post-travel Sickness

How to Avoid Post-travel Sickness

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you always get sick after traveling? Well, you are not alone! My colleagues often say travel, especially on airplanes, makes them sick. From close, unsanitary quarters, to changes in daily routine, travel can put our bodies through the ropes and our health at risk. A study in JAMA found that as many as 21% of airline passengers reported developing a cold within a week of traveling.

A cold is not the souvenir we plan to bring home, but it’s all too common. Here are a few ways to help you avoid sickness from travel:

Boost your immunity before traveling

Your immune system is your body’s defence against infection and illness. If your immune system is weak, it cannot defend against germs that make you sick. Improving your body’s immune system with plenty of sleep, healthy eating and hydration is one way to combat illness before your plane even takes flight.

Limit germs while traveling

Many people believe inhaling stale, contaminated and recirculated air is the main culprit of illness after flying. However, the CDC found that in most planes, as much as 50 % of cabin air passes through multiple filters, which capture 99.9 & of particles, over 20 times per hour. The problem has more to do with surfaces passengers touch on the plane, where germs can live for days. Avoid germs by wiping down your tray table and armrests with an antibacterial wipe, wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while traveling.

Keep these simple tips in mind next time you fly for a safe and heathy trip!

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