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Melinda Rosauro

Executive Assistant and Office Manager | BBA

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Melinda is a highly accomplished and driven professional with extensive work and life experiences from various locations around the world. Originally from Guelph, Melinda returned to her hometown armed with knowledge and skills gained from her studies in Social Sciences and Hospitality Management. Throughout her career, Melinda has consistently maintained a "White Glove approach," going above and beyond in every role she has held.


As a C Level Executive Assistant, Melinda has worked with Fortune Global 500 companies, honing her skills in managing executive offices, hospitality, and events. 


Melinda's unique blend of education, experience, and skills make her a well-rounded and highly capable collaborator. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her natural strengths and passions, sets her apart as a dynamic and influential leader in her field.


Melinda’s personal passions are travel, food, and fitness. She seeks to explore new cultures through travel, indulge in diverse cuisines, and maintain a healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness.

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