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Wardha Wardha

Project Lead | HBSc

Wardha Wardha.jpg

Wardha completed her HBSc in Life Science at McMaster University, with a minor in Anthropology. She gained experience in Allergy and Clinical Immunology through her role in clinical research, where she developed an interest in patient engagement and science communication (reflected in her multiple national and international publications). Wardha then pursued a Master of Management of Applied Science from Western University, where she combined her research foundation with fundamental business skills in Marketing, Leadership, Project Management, and Finance. Her passion for building relationships, combined with her keen interest in pharmaceutical marketing led her to pursue a career at MEDUCOM. 

Fun facts, Wardha can speak three languages and is currently working on a fourth! A self-confessed comedy junky on Netflix, she binged all 9 seasons of The Office in only 2 weeks over the winter holidays.

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