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World Psoriasis Day 2020

For over a decade, World Psoriasis Day has been held on October 29th as a way to raise awareness of psoriasis – a systemic, immune-mediated inflammatory condition affecting the skin, which impacts over 125 million people worldwide. Psoriasis is also associated with numerous inflammatory comorbidities at sites remote from the skin.

Each year, the IFPA sets a different theme for World Psoriasis Day. This year’s theme is focused on being ‘INFORMED’. They note that ‘Informed individuals can manage their psoriasis better, and motivate behavior change in their communities. In the same way, informed patient associations, advocates, medical professionals, and scientists are more effective in their work.’

The INFORMED campaign is comprised of 3 major pillars:

1. Empowerment: Being informed leads to empowerment and is the key to positive change

2. Journey: Being informed helps us celebrate the journey and the major milestones that have come to pass in the management of psoriasis

3. Resources: Identifying reliable and useful tools can help others become informed and identify gaps to address in order to lead the psoriatic disease field forward

In honor of World Psoriasis Day, our team at MEDUCOM shared some key messages about what it means to be informed about psoriatic disease. We encourage you to do the same by visiting the following:



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