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Will you be one of the 8700 Canadians diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer this year?

May is National Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month with May 2 observed as Melanoma Monday. Melanoma is the deadliest of all skin cancers, but the survival rate is high if detected early. The annual #MelanomaMonday campaign is focused on raising awareness on skin health and sun safety.

Today, MEDUCOMers are wearing black shirts and sporting their favourite sun gear in recognition of Melanoma Monday!

As the days grow longer and the sun grows stronger, it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves of what can be done to stay safe and healthy:

  • Use broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen

  • Wear UVA/UVB protective clothing, hats and sunglasses

  • Stay in the shade during peak sun hours (11 am – 3 pm, March to October)

  • Know the ABCs of skin cancer and check your skin monthly



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