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What does the digital revolution mean for pharma?

Ten years of retail sales in three months. Two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. These are the impactful stats shared by FiercePharma from McKinsey and Microsoft, respectively, regarding the acceleration of business driven by the onset of the pandemic. Like many other industries, COVID-19 has launched the healthcare sector into a digital revolution.

The shift means the pharma industry is having to change the way it communicates with physicians and patients.

Here are a few trends and opportunities identified for the shift to digital in pharma marketing:

  • Conversational AI, or chatbots: whether on a medical portal for healthcare professionals or a patient-facing page, conversational AI can handle complaints or basic inquiries while also giving customers peace of mind.

  • Direct access to answers: by using digital platforms to connect directly with patients and HCPs, pharmaceutical companies can learn more about their users’ needs and help in a meaningful way.

  • Hybrid experiences: For pharma marketers, digital options have reduced costs dramatically compared to traditional marketing approaches. Developing hybrid strategies affords flexibility to shift between in-person and virtual engagement, also accommodating the varying comfortability of the audience.



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