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Top 5 considerations for those NEW To pharma marketing!

The shift towards digital marketing and hybrid events, while long awaited, has ensured that traditional strategies that were once successful no longer generate the same growth. Further compounding this is the challenge of navigating the Canadian pharmaceutical marketing industry, which is one of the most restrictive globally.

Having said all of this, here are 5 key considerations to keep in mind when designing your first pharmaceutical marketing campaign:

  1. Target the right audience – it is imperative that you understand the audience that you aim to reach. We recommend utilizing market research and targeting tools to understand their needs, as this will help you position your campaign in the ideal segment.

  2. Multichannel approach – all content should be developed to be compatible across channels and devices. This will ensure your message is accessible to a diverse audience and enhances engagement.

  3. Develop personalized content – while it is important to send a consistent message across all platforms to ensure brand awareness, it is equally important to ensure it is being well received. Tailoring your content to address specific needs for a select group of KOLs ensures your campaign is both unique and memorable.

  4. Be flexible, but cohesive – an adaptive attitude is a successful one. As the pharmaceutical landscape changes with the addition of new technologies, brands and discoveries, it is critical for your brand to be able to quickly adjust to these changes to demonstrate leadership in the industry.

  5. Leverage feedback metrics – Learning from past initiatives is helpful, as it highlights both what did and didn’t work well. Quantifiable metrics will help determine ROI and shape future objectives and initiatives.

As an industry front leader for over 25 years, MEDUCOM Health Inc is well versed in conceptualizing, creating and delivering pharmaceutical marketing, advertising and medical education that drives consumer behavior. With our vast offerings and extensive industry connections, we are confident we can make your first pharmaceutical campaign a success. Reach out to us to brainstorm ideas for your next initiative!



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