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Three Key Strategies to Help You Avoid Holiday Headaches This Year

While COVID-19 vaccination rates have been steadily climbing in Canada, cases have also been quietly ticking up over the last month among both the vaccinated and not. For many people, these stats are finally starting to fade into the peripheries for the first time in over a year thanks to full vaccination rates cracking nearly 80% across the country. However, not everyone may be ready to trade in their masks for Santa hats. Planning for family dinners or glittering holiday parties may still require some additional tact this year.

Following a few key safety and communication strategies for your festive planning can help ensure everyone stays merry through to January:

1. Communicate with Empathy

Everyone has a unique set of experiences and values that drives their decision making. Failing to empathize with why people feel the way they do can lead to resistance instead of resonance. Empathy first, facts second will help ensure discussions remain productive.

2. Evaluate the Risks using Trustworthy Tools

Understanding potential COVID-19 risk factors will help lay the groundwork for your planning. See trusted tools from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada or Dr. Samantha Yammine to help you evaluate these factors for your gathering.

3. Consider Using Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing

At the end of the day, living in the era of COVID-19 is about mitigating risk, not abstaining from it. If vaccination status is varied among guests, consider requesting rapid antigen tests be used before arriving. See Ontario’s guidance on using rapid testing here.

- Erin


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