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The importance of benchmarking to elicit behaviour change

A number of different aspects can influence a Health Care Professionals decision to change their behaviour regarding treatment methods or mentalities around certain practices; data, patient testimonies, and their own personal experience to name a few. One of the most important methods that can be used to create behaviour change in HCP’s is to utilize the opinions of others through benchmarking against their colleagues across the country.

Benchmarking is the evaluation of something in comparison to the industry standard. Utilizing benchmarking for HCP’s to understand if their way of thinking falls inline with those around them can challenge their current methods and push them to consider alternatives in their practice. Not only does this help with creating consistency in treatment methods across the country, it opens the opportunity for discussion around why different perspectives exist.

Benchmarking can be utilized and showcased in advisory networks or meetings, publications, medical education programs, OLA programs and more.



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