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Team Principles 2.4

Some insight from our team:

  • “Quiet quitting” should not be discounted as just a “lazy work ethic”. It is a reaction to feeling inadequately compensated for the work being done, or lacking opportunities for advancement.

  • While the movement is intended to take power back from the employer, the employee ultimately faces the consequences of feeling unfulfilled, choosing to remain stagnant in their role.

  • There is cause for concern with the next generation of professionals, who may perceive “quiet quitting” as validation to avoid going above and beyond, while still expecting successful growth.

While challenging and sometimes uncomfortable, being able to have these sensitive conversations transparently helps us ensure we maintain alignment throughout our team. A company cannot grow without the success of its employees, and employees cannot achieve success without the support of their company. Addressing controversial work-related topics such as “quiet quitting” establishes company expectations while also fostering trust that our staff can express what they need to continue performing at a high level.

- Keely


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