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Team Principles 6.7

At MEDUCOM, we embody a growth mindset – team members are encouraged to outline goals within and beyond current responsibilities to ensure personal and professional advancement remain at the forefront.

Stretch goals allow for assessing and expanding our skillset and setting new responsibilities. They put the onus on individual team members to seek opportunities for professional development, exemplifying MEDUCOM’s proactive attitude. Stretch goals can sometimes seem daunting, as they often fall outside our areas of comfort or expertise and risk getting sidelined, especially during busy periods.

There are a few strategies to ensure these goals remain in sight:

  • Team members are encouraged to give equal priority to stretch goals as regular responsibilities, and not just viewing them as “nice-to-have”.

  • Regular team touchpoints provide a safe forum to discuss challenges and strategize approaches, accelerating progress toward achieving goals.

  • Kudos! Managers and peers actively give kudos and shout-outs to fellow team members for taking on initiatives, for that added motivation and recognition.

If you’re not growing, you’re stagnating – and at MEDUCOM, we choose growth! Support is always available so our team members can explore development opportunities to suit their professional goals and interests.

Written by Zaraa Malvat


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