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Team Principle 7.8

As we near holidays, it becomes more apparent people often only allow themselves to truly rest during statutory holidays or vacation. However, it’s incredibly important to prioritize time to rejuvenate in your everyday life.

Having little time to relieve daily stressors can quickly lead to burnout, especially in the workplace. MEDUCOM recognizes the high importance of fostering a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Here are three ways MEDUCOM promotes work-life balance in the office:

  1. ME DAYS: additional days tacked on to holidays throughout the year where employees are encouraged to unplug from their computers to recharge their batteries and mental health.

  2. In-house Lounge Room, Recreation Room and Gymnasium: whether it’s a workout or lounging on the couch in quiet, team members can choose to relax and unwind the way that suits them best.

  3. Fun-filled team excursions: planned activities outside of the office, used as an opportunity to take a break from the screens and connect with each other.

While it doesn’t feel like work at MEDUCOM (we love what we do!), working in a fast-paced industry with time-sensitive deadlines and stressors can easily lead to employee burnout. As the holidays begin, we encourage you to take some well-earned R&R… you deserve it!

See the new, refreshed you, in the new year!


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