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Team Principle 7.7

Have you ever hesitated to take vacation because of the looming stress associated with all the prep? Robust and efficient processes are the norm at MEDUCOM and certainly come in handy when you plan to step away from the office! At MEDUCOM, we always ensure we work in a way that makes it easy for someone to pick up where we left off so we can enjoy some time away when needed.

Some of the ways our team members set themselves up for success before stepping away include:

  • Holding short “burst” meetings to periodically align with the project team on status and next steps

  • Developing a vacation report to identify key action items occurring when out of office and assigning someone to address them

  • Auto-forwarding emails to a manager to ensure you can enjoy some time completely disconnected while still meeting client needs in a timely manner

  • Ensuring consistent file naming and storage practices so everyone knows where to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to ask

So go ahead…take that well-deserved vacation day! With your strategic and efficient preparation along the way, you can enjoy some R&R knowing the team has your back!

- Josée


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