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Team Principle 6.5

At MEDUCOM, we are avid proponents of giving and receiving feedback. We firmly believe accurate and specific constructive criticism paves the way for continued growth and excellence.

Here are a few considerations to keep top of mind when receiving feedback:

  • Contextualize the feedback – Ensure the feedback being received is based on a specific deliverable, where possible. This will make certain you can develop actionable next steps with your supervisor and track your success in obtaining them.

  • Reflect – Think critically on the learnings that came out of this experience and how they can be useful moving forward. Where possible, share your learnings with the broader team.

  • Don’t take it personally – trust that feedback is coming from a place of supporting your personal growth and career progression. Your management team should want you to be better than you were 6 months ago, last month, last week and even yesterday.

It can be easy to feel the need to be defensive when receiving feedback, but our suggestion is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Use it as an opportunity to analyze your actions and the processes that you used. Learnings will almost always lead to improvements in internal processes and methods.

We encourage team members at all levels to share feedback, whether it is with our peers, managers or leadership. This sets a precedent to mutually and synergistically support the team’s growth.

-Wardha Wardha, MMASc


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