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Smartphone-Based Medical Imaging Innovation Aims to Get Under Patients’ Skin

Swift Medical, a Canadian technology company, has launched a new smartphone attachment which integrates medical-grade imaging capabilities to support wound care.

The Ray 1 is an innovative imaging device which, in combination with AI-based monitoring, provides an accessible medical imaging option to help medical professionals monitor patients without the need for a clinic or hospital. In addition to measuring wound size and depth, integration of infrared, ultraviolet and visible light technology allows the portable device to measure additional physiological features of wound healing below the skin such as blood flow, bacterial colonization, and inflammation. While it may be more difficult to detect features of the healing process such as bruising with traditional skin surface-based imaging in those with darker skin, the Ray 1 is capable of tracking wound healing for all skin tones. This exciting innovation has shown that wound healing is certainly more than skin deep.

- Andrea B.


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