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Serving Up Fun at MEDUCOM

At MEDUCOM, we foster a people-first mentality, both for our clients and team. Our company culture promotes mental and physical wellbeing with fun twists. Creating a social workplace can increase productivity, creativity, engagement and reduce stress.

One way we achieve this is by utilizing the ping pong table in our company gym. It didn’t take long for enough interest to build to start a ping pong ladder. Whether it’s to take a mental break, connect with colleagues or climb to the top of the ladder, you can find employees putting the table to good use. Beyond ping pong, we encourage our employees to focus on their health through Monday afternoon yoga, lunchtime group workouts, or by using our foosball table, lounge room, gym, peloton bike and treadmill and/or our new puzzle room. With warmer weather right around the corner, we plan to take the fun activities outdoors!



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