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Retreat Reflections

Team building is a fantastic way to boost company productivity and employee satisfaction. Last week, the MEDUCOM team packed up their bags and headed to our very first annual retreat to do exactly this – build up our team! Here are 4 reflections on why this time away together was invaluable to our success:

  1. It created something to look forward to, other than project deadlines! Together we worked towards a shared goal, planning meals, assigning rooms and crafting workshops.

  2. It made us focus on our values, enhancing company culture. We set aside time daily to reflect on what MEDUCOM’s core values mean to each of us. It was enlightening to hear everyone’s “why” that keeps them coming to work each day.

  3. It further strengthened the bridges we’ve built between departments. With a multi-dimensional (and busy!) team such as ours, it’s easy to miss what’s happening on the other side of the office all the time. Making time for fun team building activities gifted us with time to connect medical, client service and admin colleagues. Our favourite had to be pathway challenge!

  4. It gave us the opportunity to unlock leadership potential. For us at MEDUCOM, personal growth and career development is crucial to not only our employees, but also our company’s performance. Our optimization workshops gave the team a chance to collaborate and present back strategies (i.e. training, process changes, tech and personal tasks) we could use to maintain our company’s quality and efficiency.

At the end of the day, we celebrated our team efforts with off-key karaoke, fireside chats and pool jumping competitions. Rolling back into the office, there is no doubt we are lucky to be a part of such a passionate, fun and hardworking team. Here’s to the next MEDUCOM retreat!



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