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Rare Disease Day

Although they are called Rare Diseases, there are 300 million people worldwide living with one of the 6,000+ identified rare diseases. That’s ~5% of the world’s total population! In Canada, it is estimated 1 in 12 people live with a rare disease, with two thirds of those being children. Though Rare Disease Day is patient-led, everyone can participate in this global movement to advocate for equity in healthcare, access to diagnostics and treatment for people living with a rare disease.

At MEDUCOM, we “showed our rare” by reading the stories of this year’s Rare Disease Day heroes, raising awareness for those living with a rare disease, their families and their caregivers. The stories we read only represent a fraction of the many patient stories worldwide, highlighting the importance of wider public education.

Rare is many. Rare is strong. Rare is proud!

-Andrea T.


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