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Pharma and Social Media

As of 2022, billions of people are on social media and consumer behaviour is constantly studied to aid in product marketing.

Like many other organizations, pharmaceutical companies often have dedicated social media accounts. Despite strict regulations and guidelines on what content can be shared, pharma companies can still use online platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to their advantage.

How can pharma companies leverage social media?

  1. Inform consumers: Providing unbiased information to promote informed decision-making and educating users on pharma-related topics with direct links to the company’s website can increase brand awareness and trust

  2. Product advertising: Guidelines do not restrict activity relating to advertising all products on social media. Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs and vaccines are permitted when avoiding claims of treating or curing illnesses

  3. User engagement: Providing a list of PAAB-approved frequently asked questions and answers, asking healthcare providers to complete surveys on LinkedIn, and regularly monitoring across platforms to address any consumer inquiries that need to be escalated

Keep an eye out for our next post, where we share tips on how to enhance user uptake and interactivity!

In addition to knowing what kind of content to post, here are some tips to enhance your social media and increase user engagement:

  • Use word filtering to ban specific comments from your posts such as side effects, unwanted product names, and inappropriate alternative uses of products

  • Continuously monitor replies and activity surrounding your posts to discard inaccurate information

  • Follow trends; create posts people want to see and are more inclined to share such as healthy recipes to promote nutrition and emotional marketing campaigns to raise awareness on specific diseases

  • Consider interactive elements like polling and links to resources to keep users coming back for more



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