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Not all heroes wear crêpes! Breakfast of Champions from MEDUCOM Leadership

This past week, MEDUCOM’s leadership team took advantage of the beautiful weather and woke up bright and early to prepare breakfast for the whole team! We took the fun outdoors to start our day off right; hot coffee, fluffy pancakes and lively conversation.

Sharing meals together has existed throughout history as a method of social cohesion and community building, but how does this translate to the workplace?

Organizing, preparing and sharing meals can facilitate greater collaboration, improve socialization and encourage increased openness to reduce hierarchal barriers to communication. A study investigating firefighter platoons who share meals together showed these teams have better group performance compared with those who dine solo. Given the highly collaborative nature of MEDUCOM’s work and our belief that people are our best resource, establishing strong relationships within is just as critical as maintaining our external connections.

While we’re not putting out literal fires, MEDUCOM is a workplace that requires the same core principles of cooperation, communication and organizational citizenship to perform our best for our clients and our team. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – we do it all with our bi-monthly office potlucks and other fun events! With our first-ever staff retreat on the horizon, we hope to utilize these methods to maintain the supportive culture we’ve worked hard to establish.

Thanks a brunch Leadership Team!


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