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Managers Principles 8.1

At MEDUCOM, we know our company is only as good as its people. We don’t sell a specific product – we thrive because our employees know how to collaborate with clients to provide a superior experience, putting their minds at ease and delivering high-quality programs.

We often hear from new employees that our culture is unlike most other companies they’ve seen or heard about, and that our team is more close-knit than most people expect. This is something I personally love about MEDUCOM and I believe it starts with a good hiring process.

Right from the start, MEDUCOM screens candidates to ensure their values align and that they will fit with the team and company culture. This is done through standard interviews, but even more critically, through a validated test that gives us insight into each applicant’s personality and behavioural patterns. Subsequent steps screen for abilities and skills, with the final stage of our hiring process being a job shadow – the ultimate test of culture fit on both sides!

Our hiring process is a science, and it’s what allows us to continue finding the best talent, who in turn, provide the superior service our clients expect.



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