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Manager's Principles 11.4

We’ve all seen the sitcoms – an employee walks into their performance review nervously anticipating what their boss might say…or worse, they walk in confident and realize they are wildly off base!

At MEDUCOM, we’re fortunate to be part of a culture that values ongoing transparency and accountability, meaning outcomes of end of year evaluations are never a surprise. Beyond setting high standards and holding our junior team accountable, our structured approach to feedback also encourages them to hold their managers accountable.

  • Weekly-to-monthly (depending on seniority) one-on-one touchpoints to evaluate achievements, challenges, highs and lows.

  • Quarterly touchpoints dedicated to performance feedback and evaluating progress towards individual goals.

  • Ad hoc feedback received throughout project work (we often warn new hires their initial emails and reports will be returned as a “sea of red”!).

  • Mid-year anonymous 360-reviews to provide feedback on management style.

  • Reflective end-of-year questions on likes/dislikes of working for MEDUCOM, as well as opportunities for management to improve company performance.

Encouraging self-accountability and multisource feedback are just some of the ways MEDUCOM supports the professional development of our team – making sure each employee is equipped to deliver the best service to our clients!



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