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Manager's Principles 8.5

At MEDUCOM, we are proud to have an onboarding & training program like no other! We invest a lot of time into our training, both for new and existing employees, to ensure every team member has constant opportunities for growth (one of our other principles!).

When our team is lacking in particular skills, the first thing we do as a management team is question whether adequate training & guidance have been provided. We ask ourselves, what can we do to fill the gap? How can we better set our people up for success?

Training can come in many different forms, and we’ve implemented a large spectrum of strategies for continuous learning:

  • “MeduSchools” – Lunch hour presentations given by various team members on industry and professional development related topics.

  • Asynchronous training modules – Web-based interactive training modules that employees complete in their first month at MEDUCOM to quickly get them up to speed on our processes.

  • Evening workshops – Gamified team learning opportunities focused on specific topics related to our industry (e.g. IMC Code, PAAB code, etc.).

  • One-on-one coaching – Regular meetings between managers and direct reports, to ensure progress toward professional goals and identify training gaps.

  • Training “Tracks” – exclusive programs for employees excelling in particular skillsets (such as managing people, strategic project management, or sales and business development).

Are there any other training tactics you use that aren’t on our list?

Written by @Andrea Tang


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