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Manager's Principles 8.4

There’s no denying we value our people at MEDUCOM. “PEOPLE” is literally written on our office walls and inspired the name of every one of our meeting rooms. There’s a reminder around every corner!

We invest a lot of energy, trust and hope in our people, so we have a thorough hiring process to find the great ones who fit our career opportunity and culture, and vice versa.

Then, here are some of the ways we ensure our people thrive at MEDUCOM:

  • We set clear short- and long-term goals to motivate our development, which our Managers constantly guide us in achieving. Plus, every year during our performance review, we have an open and honest conversation with the Leadership team about our career in 1, 3 and 5 years.

  • We embrace the “choose your own adventure” concept, recognizing our people are unique so our career paths will not fit into a mold. By exposing us to various roles and leveraging formal assessments, we help our people identify our interests and strengths to align them with the needs of the company.

  • We foster an inclusive culture where everyone has a growth mindset. For us, effective “team-building” involves both business and pleasure through our regular workshops, social events and summer retreat. Everyone’s ideas and insights are not only encouraged, they’re expected!

  • We support our people personally to help us be our best selves professionally. We have flexible work hours when needed, a hybrid work environment, “ME” days off for extra long holiday weekends, comprehensive health benefits, programs to support financial saving, and more.

Overall, our PEOPLE-first mindset at MEDUCOM drives the high-Performing, Energetic, Optimistic, Professional, Leaders and Entrepreneurs we are!

Written by @Danyelle Liddle


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