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Manager's Principle 8.5

MEDUCOM is driven by our people, and our ambition to push our limits by taking on new responsibilities. This is a win-win for individuals and the company. We are motivated by opportunities to carve our own career paths, and this ensures MEDUCOM’s promise to deliver high quality outputs across the team.

We’ve adopted a saying at MEDUCOM, to ‘give away your Legos’ - to build our Lego land as a team, we have to give away certain pieces and let others contribute efficiently. Essentially, to excel at the responsibilities we aspire to in our careers, we have to train others to take on our current role.

From day one, our people are immersed in comprehensive training modules, live learning sessions and one-on-one demonstrations to accelerate their autonomy. Over time, training evolves to be more active and peer-driven (or sought externally), but we’re always developing both personally and professionally.

When the training wheels come off, MEDUCOM is a safe place to make the mistakes we know are part of the learning process. It can be uncomfortable for managers to let mistakes happen, and even more difficult for team members to embrace the experience, but mistakes clearly expedite the learning process and create opportunities for the team to optimize processes to avoid making the same mistake again.

Ultimately, the cycle of sharing and building Legos at MEDUCOM means one person’s growth naturally creates opportunity for another person’s career advancement, and the success of the company as a whole.

-Danyelle Liddle


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