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How to Set New Year’s Resolutions and Successfully Keep Them

Happy new year! (Can we still say that at this point in January?)

People typically look forward to the new year because it brings them feelings of renewed hope and a chance to reset.

Often, this involves setting new year’s resolutions that, in most cases, are only kept for a month. So how do we set resolutions for 2022 and actually keep them?

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Pick one thing and focus on it – when too many resolutions are set, it can feel overwhelming. Set one resolution to start and once achieved, move onto the next.

  • Make it concrete and realistic – according to the statistics, about 50% of people set a resolution related to doing more exercise or improving fitness. In this example, the resolution is too vague and does not include specific steps to success. A more concrete and realistic resolution would be to “go to the gym once per week”.

  • Anticipate problems in advance – we all know we will run into problems, so anticipate these in advance and come up with a plan to work around them. When they arise, you will be less likely to be derailed.

  • Find someone to keep you accountable – at MEDUCOM, we have all committed to one “MEDUlution” this year and shared this with the team. We’re working to keep each other accountable to both our business and personal goals!

We’re looking forward to what this new year brings and hope you are too!

- Andrea T.


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