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How can we adapt to the ever-changing pharmaceutical marketing landscape?

Effective and strategic brand marketing is crucial for leading pharmaceuticals companies, especially in the face of increasing volatility, uncertainty, and complexity. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way pharmaceuticals companies are expected to communicate with consumers; there is a greater emphasis on digital interaction and customer-centric models. In fact, research shows that despite significant increases in site traffic during the height of the pandemic, engagement rates on many pharma website were down, as was HCP satisfaction with digital experience. This can be attributed to a lack of framework and the rapidity with which the digital strategies were developed.

To counteract this, experts suggest leveraging the following key trends:

  1. Leverage consumerization of healthcare: this involves bridging the gap that currently exists in digital media. Brands should make an effort to develop specific tools and utilities that cater to the growing demand. Develop a targeted customer engagement strategy which utilizes digital tools such as social media and online meeting tools; this allows for increased engagement, while advancing brand objectives.

  2. Defining and tracking success: Having a framework in place to critically measure success is a long-term solution; key takeaways will be crucial for future planning sessions.



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