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eMAZING Race Virtual Teambuilding

Last week our team took our virtual team building up a level, with a very fun and engaging event.

Inspired by the Amazing Race, our team competed against each other in the eMAZING Race! This was a race against the clock, where we travelled across a virtual map answering questions and solving puzzles related to each of our 7 destinations, with the ultimate goal of finishing the event in the fastest time. This required strategy, teamwork, some quick googling skills, and a ton of team spirit!

To say we are a competitive group may be an understatement, and no team disappointed with their creative names, costumes, and themed backgrounds! A special shout is well-earned by the members of the Koala-fied to Kick-A$$ team, who left us all in their dust with a final time of 10 mins (the runner up had a time of 53 minutes to put that into context!). Way to go Rebecca, Jenna, Erin and Andrea B. Thanks to BEYOND Team Building for such a seamless experience.

Looking forward to our next team building event…hopefully in person next time!!

- Courtney


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