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Company Principle 1.3

Doing what is right, not what is easy, is not a concept limited to difficult ethical dilemmas—it also applies to the many choices we make daily in our professional lives. Taking the easy road may feel comfortable in the short term, but it leads to professional stagnation at a company and individual level. Here are some strategies the MEDUCOM team uses to embrace doing the best work possible, even when it’s tough:

  1. Have a deep understanding and appreciation of MEDUCOM’s purpose, as well as our clients’ goals. Aligning strategic recommendations with these not only increases our confidence, but also clearly shows management and/or clients the value these ideas bring.

  2. Ask questions about why work is done in a certain way. Gaining insight into current processes and gathering multiple perspectives helps us develop an understanding of what can or cannot change for the better to build the most robust solution possible.

  3. Determine what change is most necessary and/or productive. Of course, not all ideas can be implemented—choosing what is most beneficial to clients helps us prioritize our efforts accordingly and maximize our value proposition.

  4. Persevere through failed ideas–inevitably, not all innovation can be successful. Being resilient, having an encouraging team, and approaching each project as a learning opportunity allows us to continue being brave, honest, and strategic.

At MEDUCOM, we’re certainly not afraid of rocking the boat—change can be uncomfortable and even scary, but it’s the only way to overcome the status quo and innovate. Being courageous at all levels of management and feeling supported in this process by the company allows MEDUCOM to continuously increase the value we deliver to clients.

Written by Bhuvna Dalal


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