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Company Principles 1.10

“A company is only as good as the people it keeps” – Mary Kay Ash

At MEDUCOM, we understand in order for the business to grow, we must invest in the growth of our employees. We challenge team members to push themselves to set ambitious goals while providing the necessary guidance to support their achievements.

Here are some ways we support the growth and career advancement of our employees:

  1. Touchpoints with managers: Team members have regular one-on-one touchpoints with managers to discuss their goals and the steps required to achieve them. Once a goal is met, a new one is made!

  2. Opportunities for stretch projects: Team members are encouraged to find their niche within the company through opportunities to work on projects that may be outside of their job description but is aligned with an individual’s interests and strengths.

  3. Professional development: Career advancement is at the forefront of MEDUCOM’s mind with team chats buzzing with interesting articles, events, and workshops related to professional development.

We challenge you to set a stretch goal for yourself and extend beyond your comfort zone!

Written by Tiffany Song


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