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Ciao Hunger! (Thanks to Chao Bistro)

Nothing brings people together like good food! With this in mind, the MEDUCOM team was treated to a delicious lunch last week, catered by Chao Bistro. Our workday was brightened with a scrumptious spread of stir fries, spring rolls and warm fluffy rice, accompanied by some home-made mango lassi. With warmer weather just around the corner, we took the good vibes outside, enjoying our new patio and the sun. Not only did this liven up the workweek, but it was also a great way to show MEDUCOM’s support for local businesses as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A sense of community is particularly important and prized at MEDUCOM, given the nature of our work relies heavily on collaboration and communication. Social events, such as this luncheon, are now a regular component of the MEDUCOM way, providing a great opportunity for people to mingle in a relaxed environment, not only with peers but also the management, and establish long lasting connections.

We are looking forward to the other social events planned for the year!



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